Approved Facilitators

Radmila Abram
Creative Awakenings Approved Facilitator, 2019
Private 5-Day Creative Awakenings Equss-heART Immersion
Founder/Owner, Healing Art Counseling

Five days of the intensive one on one work with Sheri Gaynor was beyond my expectations. It was an experience that words cannot describe. Together we moved through the process of creativity with art, movement as herd held the space for transformation to unfold in the field. My life has been altered to the new heights forever. I embodied my authentic self, looked at false self as I let go of the behavioral patterns that kept me stuck in the rut in the past. We all danced for five days, in real and dream time, through the fields of both humanity and horses. Sheri walked by me and witnessed the process as she allowed me to dance and move through my repressed emotions. She fully felt and reflected the wisdom of the horses as I traveled from false self into embodying the authentic self. That afternoon in the studio with Sheri, I decided to get messy and have fun with art materials. My takeaway from the immersion process was that I could still keep parts of my old creative self and dance with the new that is still emerging as I embrace each step with joy, fun, acceptance and play. As I am writing this just a few days after the training, I am allowing in more joy, beauty, and nurturing. I have stepped into life fully, as I allow my new self to emerge with trust and faith. I catch myself as I hear Sheri’s voice “What is happening?” I release the breath, check in and go back to grazing, -creating with GUSTO. The partnership with my husband and others are transformed.

Polly Paton-Brown
Creative Awakenings International Approved Facilitator, 2012
United Kingdom
Founder/Owner Wild Soul Calling

My life’s journey has taken me many places and through many experiences. I have always been drawn to come alongside people, whether this was as a nurse or later as a psychotherapist. Traditional psychotherapy which focussed on talking about problems did not appeal to me. I was fortunate to train at the Institute of the Arts in Therapy and Education in London and this opened up the world of symbol and image in a wonderful way. Dance, music, art and poetry were all part of the therapeutic process. In recent years this has evolved and now includes working out in Nature, learning from the other thanhuman, especially my Healing Herd of four horses. The Celtic Wheel of the Year has become a living container for my life and work. Training with Sheri Was one of the most profound experiences I have had the privilege to go through. She is an amazing artist and wonderful teacher, walking the balance between challenge and support with ease and grace. The training not only equipped me to work with my clients more creatively, it opened me up to my own inner artist and I have not looked back. 


Sue Copper
Creative Awakenings International Approved Facilitator, 2012
Virginia, USA
Sheri’s Creative Awakenings facilitator training literally turned my life around, and awakened me to my true identity, at a time when I was searching for exactly that.

KIt Kauffman 
Creative Awakenings International Approved Facilitator, 2012

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Out of our vulnerability, in the showing of ourselves, comes our authenticity, which shows us the way.