It's late Sunday night. I am wound up from the day and a weekend of catching up with some on the back burner items and creative To Do's. It feels great to have them done and off my plate. Time to gear up for the first book signing and community painting party on Feb 6th here in my home town and I am holding a positive intention that the books will actually be here for it! Although I have a copy in my hands, they have not yet been checked into the warehouse. I had a dream that it all worked out just fine, so that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

Big week ahead of decision making and dreaming about a makeover for my blog and sites. The salon is picking up with people trickling in as they find out about it. It has not been formally announced and there are some fabulous people chatting it up already. The work being posted is extraordinary. Stop by and become a charter member. We'd love to have you. 

Mary Beth Shaw and I will be "re-recording," our do-over interview Monday, so we will post that sometime later this week…stay tuned. The first one was great!

Have a great week…hugs and pink boots!