Extreme Studio Makeover: Part Two

It was day two of Extreme Studio Makeover. Kathy and I had worked tirelessly all day on Friday and my body was feeling it. Yep, I am almost 50 gals, those snap back days are long behind me! Decisions had been made, things thrown away, yet the space actually looked...

Inspiration: Extreme Studio Makeover

It must be spring, I could feel the urge to clear my home and freshen things up. I tend to be like the birds, I nest in spring. After our cold dark winters, it’s time to wipe of the red dust, throw open the shades, and open the doors wide!I knew it was coming, I...

Extreme Studio Makeover

Our Mission? Take 3 separate areas of the house and combine them into a working studio/client space that is only 165 sq ft. Mission accomplished. Coming soon…the video! 

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