Go forth and create!

 Unknown Exhibitor and his work. Art Basel, Miami 2009I woke this morning thinking of the Salon and could not wait to get my morning chores done to share an idea. When I heard Mary Beth Shaw talk about discipline during our interview, I decided to make...

It’s a book!

Pink boots jumping for Awakened joy!While I was busy meeting with clients this morning, a little bundle of joy arrived on my doorstep. Not the kind of bundle you might be imagining, but one that came with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, just the same…my...

Layer it up! Part 1

WINGS 2009: My January 2009 Art of Intention PIeceWatch Part 1 of the video tutorial, learn how easy it is to Layer it up. Next step? Stop by the Salon and strut your stuff!

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