Home Again

Home again…this has new meaning for me after this week in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my soul tribe. I feel renewed, inspired, filled up and my cup is overflowing. How is it we feel a deep sense of homecoming with those who know us? Those for whom no...

Soul Connections

Four rivers flowing togethermoving with an ancient forcesometimes raging, other times stillhearts come togethersometimes ragingother times still, yet always beating in rhythmfrom an equally ancient source

My Tribe

Dancing, drumming, singingspinningsharing, learning, growinglivingcreative energy unleashed,passions bloomingmy heartmy soulmy tribe

Leaving on a jet plane

I fly out tomorrow for my teaching experience in North Carolina. This will be a new kind of venue for me and quite and honor to have been chosen by my peers to offer a presentation. What is most exciting it that for 5 days before I teach, I will be immersed with my...

On Being Feisty

I stumbled upon artist Sarah Hodsdon’s blog. I just loved this post and thought I would share it with you. http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/2255238/18581444

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