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NEWS!  Creative Awakenings Studio @ Third Street Center in Carbondale is Now Open!!!

Awakening the Painter Within: Soul Sessions                                                
Sheri Gaynor
Monday evenings, January 22 – March 26
Time: 6-8:30PM

Venue: Creative Awakenings Studio, The Third Street Center, Suite 11

Sliding Scale: $25-35 per evening – Due to high demand…
YOU MUST Pre-Register to RESERVE YOUR SPACE THROUGH EVENTBRITE. Space is limited to 7.

Embark on a journey to the sacred, through painting as a spiritual practice. Rediscover and re-connect with your innate gifts, within through the art of intuitive painting, journaling + movement.

We will gather at the Third Street Center, Suite 11 on Monday evenings through March, creating a sacred, nurturing community of wild-heARTed expression.

We begin with a meditation. We move to the blank paper, letting the colors be our guide. The brushes are an extension of our inner landscape, we trust the flow. And as the color fills the page, we connect to our innate creative wisdom, allowing our bodies and heARTs to lead the way…

COMING IN FEBRUARY – EnVision Intention Circles                                
Sheri Gaynor
February 2018

Creative Awakenings Studio, The Third Street Center, Suite 11

Join me for EnVision Intention Circles. In this sacred space, we will gather once a month and create a journal that will become an artifact of your year. Based on Sheri’s book, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art, the EnVision Intention Circles will support you in creating a life you love, through images, creative writing, color, texture, line, patterns, marks, collage, layers, and words.

Sheri Gaynor
February 5/12, 2018
Tuesday, 6-8PM
Venue: The Art Base Basalt, CO

$50 Members/$65 Non-members You will join Sheri Gaynor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and registered expressive arts therapist for this dynamic introduction to how the arts have therapeutic healing powers. In this creative and experiential class, learn the concepts and benefits of expressive arts. This class is open to individuals, and professionals interested in learning more about this profound modality. Register HERE

Sheri Gaynor
March 10, 2018
Saturday, 12:30-4:30PM
Venue: The Art Base Basalt, CO
$60 Members/$75 Non-members 2 Punches Through intuitive painting, embark on a creative journey to rediscover and reconnect with the playful child within. Without concern for the outcome, unleash your creative core in a nurturing, enthusiastic, and safe environment. Register HERE


Sheri Gaynor 2nd Sunday Each Month Through May 2018
Sunday, 10-2pm
Venue: The Art Base Basalt, CO
Complimentary all supplies provided
Art, Healing, and HOPE is an experiential based program, providing cancer patients and survivors an opportunity to process ongoing feelings and concerns in a facilitated, supportive and creative environment using expressive arts and healing practices. Art, Healing, and HOPE will give cancer patients and survivors a voice, a visual identity and more cause for HOPE. Facilitator Sheri Gaynor, LCSW, Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, created this program specifically for the Calaway•Young Cancer Center. It first debuted in 2012. R.S.V.P Requested. 

Sheri Gaynor 2nd Wednesday of each month
Sunday, 10-noon Venue: The Calaway • Young Cancer Center, Alpine Room
Complimentary all supplies provided
This group will be co-facilitated by Sean Jeung and Sheri Gaynor. We will gather at the Calaway • Young Cancer Center in the Alpine Room the 2nd Wednesday of the month 10:30-12. The group is complimentary and all supplies provided. R.S.V.P Requested. 

Creative Awakenings Expressive Arts Facilitator Training Spring 2018

Become A Creative ChangeMaker. The world needs us more than ever!

Do you hear the call?  Perhaps it’s a whisper, maybe a howl. No matter how the call shows itself to us, the most important thing we can do is to listen deeply…not with our minds, but with our heARTS, as this is where the truth lies.

Schedule your complimentary EnVision Discovery Session right here  take your next step to answer the call here: online form. 

Learn more here…Join me for the Creative Awakenings Expressive Arts Facilitator Training: Spring 2018 It’s been five years since I have offered the Creative Awakenings Expressive Arts training. That my friends, is a longer story and it involves taking my own personal heroines journey and finding my way home. Along the winding path, I have uncovered and discovered new ways of supporting individuals to source their innate creative wisdom and the truth of the gifts they have to bring to the world.  I have been utilizing the creative process in my psychotherapy practice and through classes and workshops for 30-years. In 2010, new and unfamiliar imagery began to come through my paintings, showing me a glimpse of what was to come forward…my partnerships with horses. I did not know what these paintings meant, but I had been doing the work in my own life long enough to know to listen…The images of horses came into my paintings 8-months prior to my mother’s final decline and eventual passing. What I know now, is they were going to support me through an extended initiation of grief and loss and of shedding old skin, that no longer served me. Intuitive Painting: Image #1 The Midwife-October 2010 For the last 7-years, I have been focusing on training with the herd. They have offered me healing and showed me where my shadows were buried, in service to shining a light in the darkest corners of my psyche. In the end, these amazing beings have given me my voice and taught me the art of resilience and THRIVING through challenging times.  And so, these beautiful sentient beings have now been fully integrated into the Creative Awakenings facilitator training, mirroring to you your truth,  guiding you to your edges-those places where you might still believe, you are NOT ENOUGH-and supporting you to know you have everything you ALREADY need to be a confident, creative change maker! More information and Creative Awakening live broadcasts, will be flowing your way over the next couple of months.  You can read more about it here. This training is for: EVERYONE…artists, healers, coaches, equine facilitators, therapists and anyone who feels the call to create a heARTfelt practice and bring the gift of creativity to others. If you would like to be placed on the announcement list, please use the contact form below. Remember…worrying about the details will shut you down. Take a breath now…listen to your heart as I ask you the question…“What is calling you…?”

 You can answer the call here: online form.
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Creative Awakenings Retreats

Within your heartbeat hides a summons…What is calling you?

DreamQuest The 1 to 1 Custom Creative Awakening Equine Experience We begin with an inquiry. What is calling you? As we move into the field of dreams, we begin to live into the question, not seeking answers per say, but allowing the alchemical process of creativity and horses to unfold and inform. Through encounters with the herd, meaningful conversation, expressive arts, writing and mindfulness practices, Sheri’s Creative Awakenings process expands, giving you the confidence you need, to reach for and live the life of your dreams! Imagine a co-creative week in the gorgeous landscape of the Rocky Mountains, working one-to one with Sheri. The Creative Awakenings DreamQuest Immersion™ offers you six hours a day of custom, intensive, transformational coaching, to support you moving past your perceived blocks, awakening to your true authenticity and discovering the life you are truly meant to be living. In this beautiful environment, we’ll weave the alchemy of creativity, with the wisdom of horses, to master the Eponaquest* 4-point method of emotional agility. Using Sheri’s book Creative Awakenings, as our guidebook, you’ll be supported to uncover, discover and EnVISION your true hearts longing. Are you ready to dance with your life and live your heart desire?  This retreat/workshop is appropriate for all levels, never-ever’s to expert. If you’re new to horses, or even timid about the idea, never fear! This is a fantastic opportunity to partner with a horse, in a safe and nurturing environment, experiencing the wisdom of the herd, through an energetic and spiritual connection. In doing so, you will deepen your relationship with your authentic self, build confidence, improve communication, enhance natural leadership skills and reconnect with your true nature and your intuitive knowing. Experience the gift of the horse as muse, guide, and mentor. Replenish and immerse yourSELF in the beauty of your surroundings with horses, delicious cuisine, and lovely accommodations. Groups bookings are welcome. Please inquire.

*This retreat qualifies as an Eponaquest WorldWide Introductory workshop, allowing you to enroll in future advanced level workshops with Linda Kohanov.

IMG_20150529_152936Kathy Beckwith Las Cruces, New Mexico
Creative Awakenings Private Equine Experience May 2015

I signed up for a custom week-long Creative Awakenings Equine Experience retreat with horses and Creative Awakenings founder, Sheri Gaynor.   I had high hopes, yet no expectations, of its experience or outcome.  I was in a space of transition in my life.  I felt a lot of loss and uncertainty before me after losing my husband, of 27 years, to cancer.  

Horses have always been a source of beauty and light to me.  The combination of their strength and grace leaves me in awe.  I never expected to learn more about myself as I engaged with the equine realm.  Sheri’s guidance was masterful as my experience with Dreamweaver “Sunday” evolved. 
This experience was created very personally for me.  And I drew from it exactly what I needed at the time and still draw from it today.I am reminded always to look within, to use and feel my emotions as information and create wholeness from them, rather than engage them into misguided reaction.  To really function through uncertainty, that constantly moving ground we call LIFE, instead of hiding from it or masking it, is a challenge.
It takes courage and fortitude. I have come to be able to face the naked truth that is my own.  Make friends with it. Be in compassionate relation to it.   

And Dreamweaver Sunday, the four-legged, long nosed, and long tailed, intuitive creature with MUSCLE, taught me that changing direction isn’t always easy, but it is OK and often necessary.  

Consistency. Patience.  Endurance.  Humor.  Trust.  

 You can’t kid a horse, and a horse won’t even let you lie to yourself.   In the presence of a horse you have to be aware. You have to leave the games on the table when you walk into that ring.   Life is much better when you can learn to navigate the journey IN YOUR BODY. I have downloaded in my BEING, this experience, and things that I couldn’t have understood any other way.   I am a visual, tactile, experiential learner…Sheri and Sunday took me to a place of healing I couldn’t have achieved in traditional therapy. Love and gratitude is all I can convey for this gift.  Wherever you are on the journey, nature will guide you.  And so it is.  

DreamQuest with Vicki Rose Santa Cruz, California Creative Awakenings Private Equine Experience August 2015
I participated in a 2-day private workshop with Sheri in the summer of 2015.  Earlier in the year, I had experienced a huge career shift that affected all areas of my life.  I felt emotionally, financially, and spiritually bankrupt and needed help in figuring out where to go next.  From the very beginning, Sheri was a professional and compassionate advocate for me and my soul’s work.  From the ease of her online reservation system, to the thought provoking Welcome Packet she emailed me, to the beautiful binder she puts together and gave me upon arrival, it is evident  that Sheri loves what she does and strives hard to give you all the tools you need to find your way.  The binder is filled with a description of all the exercises she leads you through during her work, as well as several lovely poems that are inspiring and relevant to the deep work she provides.
During my workshop, Sheri was able to elicit from me the stories I tell myself that keep me stuck.By helping me let go of my limiting beliefs, she helped me start to create a vision for the kind of business I really want. She also helped me walk through the grief of many recent losses, which allowed me to realize that these losses were actually the most precious of gifts for creating real change in my life.At the end of the workshop, during our follow up email, she invited me to engage in a creative activity to embody the revelations I had during my work with her.  I did it, and guess what??  After doing this, I cannot tell you all of the amazing opportunities that have shown up in my life in service to my dream. The alchemy of the soul’s work that I did with Sheri is truly miraculous to witness. I feel inspired, courageous, and excited to start moving in the direction of my dreams….an Equine Wellness Center in my town where horses help heal people’s hearts!  Thank you Sheri for helping me let go of all the things that were holding me back!!

Are You Ready To Awaken To Your Own Possibilities?

Please say hello and let me know how I can support you.

UNITED KINGDOM (UK) garden and bio pics 024Creative Awakenings  With Approved Creative Awakenings Facilitator (ACAF) Contact: Polly Burns Do these questions resonate with you?  Where am I in life?….Where would I like to be?….How do I get there? 11224316_871729129529477_7748273513069400000_n What if you could unlatch the doors to your heart and allow yourself to explore hopes and dreams that you haven’t visited for a very long time, or never realized were there? CREATIVE AWAKENINGS is the key to opening those doors. Using hands-on techniques and in the company of like-minded seekers, you can gain inspiration and insight into how you can live your dreams with the support and guidance of Approved Creative Awakenings (ACAF) facilitator, Polly Burns. To book contact Polly : polly at paton-brown dot co dot uk   For a full list of Creative Awakenings Approved Facilitators click here….