Engaging with the herd is a powerful way to learn new ways of relating to self or others

  • Distinguish your current style of leadership
  • Uncover and identify strengths and challenges within your personal and career dynamic
  • Clarify and enhance communication skills
  • Build and deepen trust in navigating groups and individuals
  • Develop effective leadership and co-creation
  • Emerge stronger with a new level of confidence

Professional Immersion Creative Lead

Are you a leader feeling like you’re stranded on a desert island, as you attempt to navigate the turbulent waters of communication and personalities? 

The world is calling for leaders who embody the skills of vulnerability, creative innovation and the fine art of interpersonal relating. Not all of us are to the manner born, but the truth is, these skills are something that most of us already possess.
Creative Lead will support you in strengthening your natural skills and offer you new tools to empower your ability to lead your team to enhanced productivity, improved, communication and creative innovation.
Your Creative Lead Immersion begins with a Discovery Session to determine your current goals. We then design an experiential immersion package specific to your needs.
You’ll learn new skills to step into your life and work with confidence and authenticity. The se skills are not just for the office, you will leave feeling replenished and feel more confident about communication and leadership in all areas of your life.
I participated in a 2-day private immersion with Sheri in the summer of 2015.  Earlier in the year, I had experienced a huge career shift that affected all areas of my life.  I felt emotional, financially, and spiritually bankrupt and needed help in figuring out where to go next.
From the very beginning, Sheri was a professional and compassionate advocate for me and my soul’s work.  From the ease of her online reservation system to the thought-provoking Welcome Packet she emailed me, to the beautiful binder she puts together and gave me upon arrival, it is evident that Sheri loves what she does and strives hard to give you all the tools you need to find your way.  The binder is filled with a description of all the exercises she leads you through during her work, as well as several lovely poems that are inspiring and relevant to the deep work she provides.
During my workshop, Sheri was able to elicit from me the stories I tell myself that keep me stuck. By helping me let go of my limiting beliefs, she helped me start to create a vision for the kind of business I really want. She also helped me walk through the grief of many recent losses, which allowed me to realize that these losses were actually the most precious of gifts for creating real change in my life.
At the end of the workshop, during our follow up email, she invited me to engage in a creative activity to embody the revelations I had during my work with her.  I did it, and guess what??  After doing this, I cannot tell you all of the amazing opportunities that have shown up in my life in service to my dream.
The alchemy of the soul’s work that I did with Sheri is truly miraculous to witness. I feel inspired, courageous, and excited to start moving in the direction of my dreams….an Equine Wellness Center in my town where horses help heal people’s hearts!
Thank you Sheri, for helping me let go of all the things that were holding me back!!
Vickie Rose

Santa Cruz, California, Horses Heal Hearts

Do you live in the United Kingdom and feel the call to awaken to possibility?

Do these questions resonate with you? Where am I in life?….Where would I like to be?….How do I get there?   Are you hearing THE CALL, but live in the UK? Find your path to clarity with Creative Awakenings With Approved Creative Awakenings Facilitator (ACAF), Polly Burns. CREATIVE AWAKENINGS is the key to opening those doors. Using hands-on techniques, Polly will support you to uncover your heARTS desire and move confidently in the direction of your dreams.