What is Coaching and Mentorship?

“My priority is to create a safe environment where you are free to explore your feelings, dreams, ideas and passions. As you discover and release the patterns and behaviors that have been holding you back,  I will support you in reconnecting to and trusting in, your inner wisdom and guidance.” ~ Sheri Gaynor

A mentor facilitates personal and professional growth in an individual by sharing the knowledge and insights that have been learned through the years.
(DOT Mentoring Handbook, p2)

Although solo journeys are important for personal growth, traveling the road with someone who knows the terrain can empower you to locate trails that you might otherwise miss.

Coaching and mentoring is rooted in the idea of a developmental partnership, fostering personal and professional growth. Coaching and mentorship liberates the traditional hierarchical structure of psychotherapy , allowing for an expansive co-creative process of mutual respect and problem-solving. Sheri’s approach to coaching and mentorship is rooted in Carl Rogers Person-Centered theory and the human desire for self-actualization.

As a coach and mentor, Sheri will walk the path along side you. She is passionate about  working with individuals who are ready and willing to dive in and shine their light!  She brings over 20 years experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Expressive Arts Therapist and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Certification, to her work with clients, groups and organizations.