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Creative Awakenings Approved Facilitators

Only those individuals listed below have completed the Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training and Mentorship program and thus are the ONLY people sanctioned by Sheri Gaynor and Creative Awakenings International® as Approved Instructors in the facilitation of the Creative Awakenings EnVision Process®. While other individuals have been students of  Sheri Gaynor’s and may have experienced the Creative Awakenings EnVision Process®, they are not qualified as Creative Awakenings Facilitators unless they have completed the Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training and Mentorship program and have been listed as such on this website. If you have any questions about a facilitator, or about our training program, please feel free to contact us. 

Creative Awakenings International® is pleased to announce the following instructors coaches, therapists and equine experiential learning practitioners, who have completed our apprenticeship and practicum program.

These approved Creative Awakenings facilitators, are qualified to lead, facilitate the Creative Awakenings EnVision Process®. They have been trained in the Creative Awakenings teaching philosophy and the EnVision Process and Practice, as developed by Sheri Gaynor in her book Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art.

Some facilitators are licensed therapists and have been trained as such. Others are artists, equine facilitators, life coaches and those who are working in the realms of mind-body healing approaches. Please contact our approved facilitators directly to learn more about their backgrounds and areas of expertise, therapeutic training and additional certificates. All facilitators are independent therapists, life coaches, artists healing professionals, etc. Creative Awakenings International® can not be held liable for their actions.

The Creative Awakenings Facilitator Training and Mentorship is facilitated by author and founder Sheri Gaynor.

Facilitators are listed by year of graduation in alphabetical order.

2012 Creative Awakenings Approved Facilitators

Polly Burns
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Contact Information
Location: United Kingdom
I live in a beautiful wooded valley called the Ironbridge Gorge in Shropshire, in the U.K where my partner and I share our lives with a menagerie of animals. This includes four horses who are co-facilitators in my Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy practice. I am also  an Integrative  Arts Psychotherapist and work mainly with children in the care system as well as with adult survivors of trauma. One of my passions is to help people discover their potential and their dreams rather than just focus on their past and the trauma in their lives. Becoming a Creative Awakenings Facilitator has helped me find ways to empower people to move from surviving to thriving and into the belief that joy is possible.






Sue Copper
Contact Information
Location: Montpelier, VA
Telephone:  804-883-7692

Sue Copper is a Life and Small Business Coach from Montpelier, VA, who coaches individuals and small business owners toward personal satisfaction, growth and success. Her passions and her coaching revolve around helping her clients achieve peace, fulfillment and clarity for their lives and work. Sue has enjoyed long careers with both the federal government and private industry in Washington, D.C., holds a bachelors degree in psychology from the Virginia Commonwealth University, and graduated from Coach U in 2004, where she received her coach training. She received her certification from the International Coaching Federation. Most recently, she has studied with Sheri Gaynor and has become a Creative Awakenings Facilitator, using art and spiritual awakening in her coaching work. In addition to coaching, Sue also sings with a local band in the Richmond and surrounding area, and is a self-taught artist who has worked with artistic vision for elderly and Alzheimer’s patients. She and her husband share their country home near Richmond, VA, with their two cats and pet chicken.

Kit Kauffman
Contact Information
Location: Chicago, IL
Telephone: 312-388-3597
Email: kitkaffman@

Beauty, Wisdom, and Joy are among Kit Kauffman’s favorite words. They capture what she believes in and what she brings to each client she serves. She inspires beauty through art; wisdom through words; and joy through new life adventures and discoveries.Kit’s background is eclectic and interesting – from her undergraduate degree in Clothing and Textiles with a minor in Art from Bowling Green State University, to a masters in Psychology and Spirituality from Loyola University, to always being a student of life and an avid crafter and reader.Kit has worked in various counseling, teaching and mentoring roles. She has been a corporate trainer, a leader of retreats, a human resources manager, a crisis counselor, and a cognitive development coach among her varied positions. Her passion is to live life to its fullest and to enable others to do the same.Color is another of her favorite words “I’ve lived a colorful life and I am delighted to guide others to a more colorful life both in their artwork and in their day-to-day living.”






Pamela True – Bio coming soon!
Contact Information
Location: Carbondale, CO