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NEWS! November 2015
Hello Dreamer!  I’m thrilled to share that a new 2nd edition of Creative Awakenings has been released with a new author afterward.  Click here to read all about it! 

Intensive Expressive Arts Facilitator and Mentorship Training

*New dates will be announced January 2016. Please use the contact form below to be placed on the interest list!

Create a life you LOVE and the career of your dreams with
Creative Awakenings Founder, author and transformational coach, Sheri Gaynor









“Out of our vulnerability, in the showing of ourself, comes our authenticity which then shows us the way.” ~ Kit Kauffman, Creative Awakenings Apprentice, 2012, Approved Creative Awakenings Facilitator, November 2012 

Become the creator of your life!

As a Creative Awakenings apprentice, students will be supported to uncover, discover and strengthen their sense of self, as a personal pathway to becoming an Approved Creative Awakenings Facilitator (ACAF). As with any journey, the first step begins with us and until we have uncovered our own blocks, Venomous Toads and limiting beliefs, we are hard pressed to lead others in breaking through theirs!

The Creative Awakenings Foundations training is a creative, experiential and deeply personal experience. During your training, you’ll be supported to walk some creative miles of your own, to create a solid foundation from which to manifest your dream of creatively awakening and facilitating others.

My intention is to give you the tools , techniques and resources, you will need to become a fully engaged, authentic, creativity facilitator in your community and beyond as an Approved Creative Awakenings Facilitator (ACAF)!
My hope is that you will not only learn to support people in the CA model, but you’ll graduate from the training more awake, more alive, more confident and READY TO LEAP into a creative career of your very own!

The Creative Awakenings Mentorship Training is revolutionizing expressive arts training programs, by weaving the healing power of equine facilitated experiential learning and personal development, into our curriculum. Through the intuitive wisdom of horses, participants will have an opportunity to uncover limiting patterns and beliefs, and experience powerful breakthroughs, prior to becoming a creative leader to others. We must be willing to travel to the places we desire to lead others, to be truly authentic guides.

2012 CA Apprentice Kit Kauffman

What is calling you…?
Your blank canvas is only a brush stroke away!
Make a wish…
…and CREATE an intention to design
a life and business of JOY,  PASSION  and INDEPENDENCE!

This program is for:

  • Anyone seeking to bring the power and wisdom of the creative process into their life
  • Anyone interested in creating a business filled with joy and passion
  • Professionals seeking to infuse their practice or work with the power of creativity
  • Therapists, coaches, social workers, agency and organizational staff
  • Anyone interested in the field of creative leadership

Here’s how the Creative Awakenings mentorship will support you to become a creative leader:

  1. Step into a NURTURING, fun and creative learning environment, that gives you all the information and training you will need to step out and SHINE YOUR LIGHT as an Approved Creative Awakenings Facilitator.  
  2. Shift HAPPENS: Put yourself in the front of the line of your life, stand in your truth and personal power, understand and overcome limiting beliefs that have kept you from living a joyous and purposeful life. 
  3. Reconnect with your passionate, ALIVE and authentic self
  4. DEEPEN your understanding of the arts and spirituality 
  5. EnVISION and CREATE your unique personal expression of creative leadership.

THE CREATIVE AWAKENINGS TRAINING JUICE! Although the training has its roots in my book Creative Awakenings: Envision the Life of Your Dreams Through Art (2009, Northlight books, F+W Publishing, 2015 New Insight Press, 2nd Edition), in addition, you will experience and learn:


  • The Practice and Guiding Principles of Creative Awakenings
  • The Foundations and Practice of Expressive Arts Therapy 
  • Group Work with all ages and levels
  • Deepening self-awareness, expanding intutition, holding sacred space, creating a supportive container
  • Connect to your innate intuitive and creative wisdom

Creative Awakenings Process:

  • Learn to guide clients in creating a Book of Dreams Journal
  • Learn to create a Tin Symbol and guide others in finding their personal symbol
  • Learn to guide:
    • Creative Awakenings Processes: Visual Journaling (creating an intention  page, color washing, mediums, etc),  collage and mixed-media techniques, intuitive drawing
    • Creating a Milestone Passport
    • How to create a Deck of Transformation for self and clients

Somatic and Expressive Arts Process:

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  • Experience: Meditation, Guided Imagery, Sound and Movement, Wild Heart Dancing, Mirroring
  • Learn to Guide:
    • Mask-making, clay work, ritual
    • Guided imagery and centering meditation
    • Experience intuitive painting for self-awareness and insight


Into the MistTN

Sheri is a Eponaquest Instructor. Her Eponaquest designations include: Equine Facilitated Learning, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (State of Colorado Only) and Power of the Herd. Sheri is also a Certified Level 2, EAGALA instructor.

Horses are master teachers and healers. Creative Awakenings International brings the wisdom of the herd into our training modules, as a partnership and a vehicle for personal transformation. Our experience with the herd is a profound and unique way for CA apprentices to develop confidence and authentic leadership skills.
2012 CA Apprentice Sue Copper

  • Uncover, identify and release limiting and circular patterns
  • Enhance ways of relating and communicating
  • Deepen your intuitive wisdom
  • Build confidence and compassion


Requirements: Absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with horses is required and you will NOT be teaching others to work with the horses upon graduation. The apprenticeship will cover the basic requirements for acceptance of Advanced Eponaquest classes and the Eponaquest Apprenticeship Program.

What will I learn about the EPONAQUEST philosophies and will it qualify as an Eponaquest Introductory Workshop?
The apprenticeship will include include all tenants of the Creative Awakenings teaching model, as well as Eponaquest philosophies, skills and activities required to prepare an individual for advanced Eponaquest work:

• Using emotion as information (Emotional Message Chart)

• Accessing a more authentic, creative presence (False Self/Authentic Self)

• Body Scan: using the body as a sensing device

• Setting Boundaries: establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space (Energy Boundary Work)

• Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns (Meet the Herd)

• Hands-on activities with horses as guides (Reflective Round Pen, Embodying the Goal or Leadership Through Relationship)

• Developing essential skills for building Authentic Community 

The Apprenticeship – REAL TIME EXPERIENCE!

  • Create a dream group practicum in your area during your training
  • Receive a Dream Ally to support action and accountability
  • Personal presentations and mentorship via webconferencing 
  • Mentorship and practice, facilitating from a place of authenticity and confidence 
  • Personal and theoretical discussions and applications
  • Learn and utilize the Creative Awakenings tools and techniques in REAL TIME, to feel confident and ready to take your next step!
  • Create and graduate with specific plan of action 


LUV Note: Sheri amazes me, with what she notices about me and my working habits/thought processes.  Since working with Sheri I have noticed a real change in the way I work, I feel more centered and I feel I am making forward motion instead of spinning in circles. I would (and do) recommend Sheri to everyone!Claudine Hellmuth,


Facilitators speak about their Creative Awakenings Mentorship Experience:

**Please note. Upon graduation, 6-months of once a month group supervision with Sheri is required to support you in staying on your path. 

YES!  I am ready. Please send me my private invitation and more information. 

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