Want to connect with like-minded individuals who are using the Creative Awakenings Process to create the life of their dreams?

We offer you several ways to do just that! Pick a trail that is right for you-or better yet-explore them all and connect with others who are on the path to creating a life of intention!

Mile Marker 1: The Creative Awakenings (CA) Online Community is a vibrant hub where the Creative Awakenings book and process come alive. The CA community is filled with inspired individuals just like you. Individuals who are shedding old ways of being and discovering new paths of possibility through Sheri’s book, Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art.

CA online is your community. It’s your place to share your hopes and dreams, to shape and manifest your life intentions, to celebrate your successes and receive support for your challenges. The CA Community will help you move beyond possibilities toward a life worth living. What are you waiting for? Meet us on the path and take a step toward what’s been calling you…Begin the adventure of a lifetime here...


Mile Marker 2: Creative Awakenings Live Events, Workshops and Retreats -Join Sheri and other fellow travelers for her transformative live workshops and retreats. Experience the profound awakenings that arise within a safe and sacred circle. Camaraderie offers the gift of learning through shared, collective wisdom.

Mile Marker 3: The StudioCreative Spark Studio is Sheri’s community based non-profit studio, where she works with clients and organizations sharing the power of expressive arts and healing practices.