a·wak·en·ing adj
just beginning or growing
1. the act or process of waking from sleep
2. a revival or renewal of interest in something, especially religion
3. a sudden recognition or realization of something or realization of something




Individual Coaching + Counseling

These challenging planetary times call for each of us to awaken to our highest potential. We can no longer rely on others to make things happen for us. We must take it upon ourselves to find ways to envision and create the life of our dreams.

This is an invitation to awaken your authentic true nature.  My passion is helping people reawaken, and connect with their innate talents, abilities and creative genius. I love working with people who are ready to step beyond their current reality.

We must learn to THRIVE…not simply survive. That’s what Creative Awakenings is all about. It’s your time to MOVE BEYOND POSSIBILITY to ACTION  MANIFESTATION.

The road to awakening is not always easy and it’s essential to have a guide who can help you find the trail, navigate the path, and help you find True North, if you should lose your way.

medicine horse Through the power of:
•Traditional psychotherapy (State of CO)
•Expressive and Somatic Arts
•Earth-based wisdom
•Equine facilitated learning
You will be inspired to empower to make conscious, intentional choices to create the life, relationships or career you truly desire.


Creative Collaborations + Partnerships

Do you have a project or clients who would benefit from a joint venture or creative collaboration?  Let’s discuss how partnering, can enhance our professional endeavors.

I LOVE partnering with like-minded therapists, businesses and organizations. The spirit of collaboration broadens opportunities for all concerned, and creates new possibilities for serving our community.

Organizations + Business Partnerships have included:

  • Valley View Hospital / Calaway•Young Center-Art, Healing and Hope Project
  • Jaywalker Lodge Alcohol and Drug Treatment
  • Pathfinders
  • Smiling Goat Ranch
  • Wind Walkers Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy Center
  • Huts for Vets
  • Davi Nikent
  • A New Path Recovery and Sober Living
  • Roaring Fork Access-After school program
  • Turning Point Behavioral Treatment Program
  • Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities
  • The Art Base (Formerly Wyly Community Art Center)
  • Carbondale Middle School
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • Sopris Therapy Services

Professional Collaborations + Partnerships have included:
Sheri also partners with healers and therapists, who are interested in offering experiential activities and breakthroughs for their clients, through the use of expressive arts and/or equine facilitated experiences.

  • Shelley Rosenberg and Nancy Coyne, Sonoita, AZ – Professional Collaboration: Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts with the Herd
  • Carol Shure, Carbondale, CO – Family Constellation Facilitator, Professional Collaboration: Constellations with Horses, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts with the Herd
  • Julie Bridge, Sebastopol, CA – Tabula Rasa Ranch, Professional Collaboration: Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts with the Herd