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    These challenging planetary times call for each of us to awaken to our highest potential. We can no longer rely on others to make things happen for us. We must take it upon ourselves to find ways to envision and create the life of our dreams. We must learn to THRIVE...not simply survive. That's what Creative Awakenings is all about. Let Sheri be your guide as you uncover, discover, and step confidently in the direction of your deepest desires. Are you ready? Read More

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    Spirit Driven

    In my work with addicts we talk about “turning it over to our higher power.” It’s a pretty simple mantra, […]

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  • Praise for Sheri's Work

    "Sheri harnesses my energy in a good way. She listens to all my wild ideas and works with me in distilling down to identify the important stuff. She encourages me in goal setting and keeps me accountable. She makes me think. She helps me prepare for success and then celebrates with me when it occurs. My art career has flourished under her guidance."

    Mary Beth Shaw