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    These challenging planetary times call for each of us to awaken to our highest potential. We can no longer rely on others to make things happen for us. We must take it upon ourselves to find ways to envision and create the life of our dreams. We must learn to THRIVE...not simply survive. That's what Creative Awakenings is all about. Let Sheri be your guide as you uncover, discover, and step confidently in the direction of your deepest desires. Are you ready? Read More

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    Costa Rica- Part 4: Returning to Self

    To feel a full untrammeled joy is to walk through the doorway of fear, the dropping away of the anxious […]

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    "When I took Sheri’s workshop several years ago, the vision I had was to take my company a higher realm, and incorporate my designs into a line of women’s boutique t-shirts. I am now working in the full realm of what I had passionately dreamed and hoped for, in fact, I have reached my goals, set new ones, and continue to create what I want in my business/career. The workshop allowed me to sweep out all the past confinements that I've struggled with for years, and start to build my own foundation for my dreams and goals.”

    Linda Drake
    Lunar Designs